The Contemporary Memory Foundation collects life stories accounts, audio and video recorded, showing the diversity of life trajectories of Jews in Belgium before, during and after WWII. Other interviews are carried out within the framework of specific thematic researches conducted by the researchers of the Foundation. Each Interview amounts usually to many hours of recording. These recordings are accessible to the public in our Documentation Center, subject to conditions of confidentiality requested by eyewitnesses telling their stories.

Those eyewitnesses accounts address numerous topics : immigration before WWII, Resistance, Deportation, underground life, detention in the Dossin garrison house in Mechelen, daily life of hidden children (and their protectors), the 1940 massive civilian exodus fleeing German invasion, enlistment and daily life among Belgian and allied armies and forces, rebuilding the country and the Jewish Community after Liberation, emigration towards Israel, daily life of Jewish War orphans in social care institutions… The Foundation takes into account all the landark locations of Jewish presence, not only the two main ones, Brussels and Antwerp, but also the less central and less populated ones, like Gent, Oostende, Liège, Arlon and Charleroi…