Jewish Landmarks and locations in Belgium

Our Foundation is in the  process of  listing all sites and locations relevant to Jewish communities heritage, memory and history in Belgium in order to establish a complete repertory. Are included places significant for Jewish Institutions as such or places relevant for specific groups defined alongside various lines : religious (Synagogues), ideological (political movement’s premises …), sociological ( various meeting and/or leasure places …), economical (neighbourhoods having had Jewish trade activities …). This inventory is held in order to constitute a data base accessible to researchers as well as help elaborate various pedagogic tools.

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This directory will encompass all Jewish Communities on Belgian territory – Antwerp, Brussels, Gent, Liège, Arlon, Oostende and Charleroi will be included – in a period of time ranging from present days to recent Belgian Jewish history.

We operate by going through a comprehensive examination of Belgian Judaïsm Archives and we also use informations gathered during the interviews realised by the Foundation.

For each site we establish a file describing its nature, precise identification, relevancy to our topic, history as well as sources of information on which selection has been based (archives and bibliography). Each Item is illustrated by a picture file.